NOTA, 우리의 기록 

NONE OF THE ABOVE, 또 다른 선택지 

미니멀리즘을 바탕으로 기본적인 디자인에 절제된 디테일을 가미하여 해가 지나도 오래도록 입을 수 있는 옷을 선보입니다.

편안하며 세련된 실루엣, 견고한 만듦새에 집중하여 단순하지만 깊이있는 디자인을 담아내고자 노력합니다.

NOTA is a fashion brand based in Seoul. Focusing on the equilibrium between simplicity and detail, we create minimal garments. 

Basic forms with understated details, sophisticated silhouettes, carefully selected colors and fabrics to evoke mood merge to form our timeless collection. 

For us, quality and durability in each garment is the key. To produce long-lasting pieces for our customers, we believe in delicate and precise craftsmanship of garments. 

We consistently broaden our boundaries with a multidisciplinary approach.